The 6-Week Get Fit Challenge is designed to get you, well, fit – but the effort comes from you. Expect to be pushed! Expect to be uncomfortable! Expect to see results!

What to expect

Expect to be supported and motivated by fellow members and coaches. Your ideal body – where your health is at its peak – is achieved through fitness and nutrition, which we provide. It’s about real fitness, eating real food. This isn’t about pills, starving yourself, or meal replacements.


Are you intimidated by CrossFit or other high-intensity programs? You’re not alone. This is exactly why we created the six-week challenge – strength in numbers. Do the math: Your workout is only one hour. That’s just 4% of your entire day. Is your life worth four percent? No. Your life is worth 100 percent of each and every day. The six-week challenge will prove this to you.

Regular Gym vs. Our 6-Week Challenge

Regular Gym
  • Regular gym personal training session = $60
  • One person “motivating” you
  • Three session per week = $180
  • Six weeks = $1,080
  • Nutrition program = $300
  • Dexa Body Composition Scan = $100
 Total = $1,480
Our Program
  • Guidance from experienced and certified coaches
  • Full body composition analysis included
  • You start off with a group destined for similar goals
  • You become a part of a  fun and energy-filled community
  • Nutrition program with included
  • Off-site community events and much, much, more!
All for ONLY $300 – WOW!

past 6-week success stories

CrossFit provides a much-needed break from my busy school schedule!

Megan R.
Student, University of Central Oklahoma

CrossFit fills the gap and balances out work, school, and life. 

Jonathan H.
Student, University of Oklahoma

Edmond CrossFit is so much fun!!!

Megan B.
Student, Oklahoma State University

I’m finally able to build and keep muscle!

As a college athlete, CrossFit provides extra conditioning to perform better on the softball field.