Training Team

Best Coaching Team in Edmond

We pride ourselves knowing our members are led by the top CrossFit coaches in the Edmond and surrounding areas. Having both CrossFit Level-1 and CrossFit Level-2 Trainers,  Continuing education, coach mentorship and maintaining safety as a top priority enables a path to achieve your goals.

Experience Team

Maximizing your Edmond Experience

Our expert Experience Team’s main goal is to maximize your Edmond experience. ECF’s Facilities Engineers ensure the cleanest facility out of any other gym here in Oklahoma.

Our super-talented filmmakers and photographers make up our Media Team to capture your experience so we can show off how awesome YOU are!  Feel free to request pics of you to upload to your social platforms.

Our web team constantly updates our online platform with the latest tech tools and Edmond content.

Rick Ward
Rick Ward
Edmond CrossFit Experience Team Lead
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